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MILITARY / LE / Government

Training for Law Enforcement and Military is available in New Zealand.

TSKM Chief Instructor Wil was trained and certified in Israel, by Israeli counter-terror hostage rescue unit expert Dr. (Major) Itay Gil (ex- YAMAM operative and head trainer, executive director for all training programs for Israeli Border Police, as well as Israeli Presidential Security Team for 3x different presidents). Itay Gil is the CEO of Protect Israeli Security Solutions / Protect Krav Maga and Protect College (Jerusalem, Israel).

Wil is New Zealand's certified and affiliate Protect Instructor, and we are available for specialist training within the NZ governmental sectors. Training options includes Krav Maga Unarmed Combat, Close Quarter Battle, Control & Restraint, Security Skills, Defensive Tactics, Tactical Shooting & Tactical Driving. Contact us:

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