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Wellington's premier Self Defence & Defensive Tactics Academy
The most experienced and combat-tested version of Krav Maga 
Operating in NZ Since 2008 - Trained and Certified in Jerusalem by Dr. Itay Gil

As Aotearoa New Zealand's longest serving Krav Maga academy, our mission is to empower everyday Kiwis, businesses and security with the skills, knowledge and training, to live and work safely and confidently in today's unpredictable world. We aim to achieve this through providing the most realistic and battle-tested self defence, defensive tactics and personal development training around.

Self-Defence Classes for Personal Protection,

Self Improvement and Empowerment.

Upskill Your Frontline Customer Service, Security Staff or Executives, to Keep Your Business or Organisation Safe. 

Public Safety

Empowering The Kiwi Public to Identify Threats and Work Together.

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10 Week Course -

We Believe Everyone Should have the Skills and Ability to Live Free Without Fear.

High-level Tactical Training in Israeli Methods for the NZ Defence, Govt and Security Sectors.  

TSKM is New Zealand's longest-serving full-time Krav Maga self-defence and security training academy, offering the most experienced instruction in NZ since 2008 through our worldwide affiliation with Protect Academy HQ in Jerusalem, by world-renowned Krav Maga, Security and Counter Terrorism expert Dr. Itay Gil, as seen on History Channel's 'Human Weapon' and BBC UK 'Special Forces Ultimate Hell Week'.
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"The most battle and reality-tested version of Krav Maga in the world today"

(Jason Rahfeldt - US Navy)

The Krav Maga we offer is a close combat / self defence system considered by many professionals to be the most battle and reality-tested version of Krav Maga in the world - informed by Itay Gil's many years of combat operations as an elite special forces counter-terrorist. What we teach is not a traditional martial art or fighting sport. It is a life-saving skill, which teaches threat neutralization, tactical maneuvers, and physical/mental empowerment. Originally developed by the Israel Defense Forces to teach effective unarmed defence skills to everyone, today it is a highly trusted self-defence system taught to many governmental and civilian organisations around the world. 

TSKM is led by Chief Instructor Wilson Sze - trained in Israel and qualified as Master Instructor under Dr. Itay Gil - he is the New Zealand Representative for F.I.M.A. The Federation of Israeli Martial Arts. We are certified to provide Krav Maga training to security, law enforcement, military, and civilians alike.


NZ Police (Special Tactical Units)

NZ Police (Close Protection)

Victoria University

Massey University

Pak And Safe Supermarkets

Queen Margaret College

Hutt International Boys High

Wellington East Girls High

McGuiness Institute

Protective Security Ltd

Future Leaders Employment Services

Capital Training Ltd

Wairere Care Services

Concentrix Wellington

Family Start Tuwharetoa, Hamilton

Plunket Nurses New Zealand

Equip Recruitment

Work and Income NZ

Australian Christian College Marsden Park

Wellington Jewish Community Centre


"We both really enjoy our lessons and you are one of the best instructors we have ever had."

Rick & Nama - NZ Defence Force

"I have really enjoyed training with you. You’re a top class instructor so keep up the good work!"            

Josh - NZ Govt National Organised Crime Group 

"One of the most challenging, exhausting, exhilarating, exciting and worthwhile weeks I've ever had."   

Mark - UK London Metropolitan Police 

"Everyone doing it has a good time and a lot of that has to do with your teaching style. I can't say enough how grateful I am that you are in Wellington." Adam - Weta Digital

"Very engaging teaching. There is opportunity to learn something every time you're making a comment or demonstrating a move, your passion is communicative. This was a very high level defense course."

Nico - Workshop participant

"Your course put me in real life situations never experienced before. It allowed me to strengthen my self confidence, control and discipline, for which I am forever thankful and grateful to you."                          

Hamish - Intensive participant

"This has been some of the best money I've ever spent, hands down."

Alex - Club Member

"Everyone encourages each other. It's great comradeship."

Justine - Club Member

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