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We believe every woman should feel strong, fearless and confident for life. Krav Maga has proven to be highly empowering for women all around the world. We offer this course to women to learn to deal with women-related challenges, encouraging every woman to overcome anxiety or fear, with confidence and strength. Well known celebrities such as Emily Blunt, Gal Gadot, Jennifer Lopez, Amanda Seyfried, Angelina Jolie and Jessica Chastain have all taken Krav Maga training to develop fight skills for roles, as well as for fitness, strength and personal protection. 

Krav Maga is a system that enables a smaller person to effectively disable a larger opponent. We will teach you how to utilise adrenalin and function under stress. It was created to be adaptable and easy to learn, regardless of your size. This makes Krav Maga perhaps the most suitable self-defence training for women today. Apart from the physical training, we will also train you to develop mental resilience, street tactics, confidence, positive self image, and empower you for life. 

In an ideal world, women would not need to learn to protect themselves. However, until some deeply ingrained societal problems are resolved, it is smart and necessary to have some skills to be able to look after yourself and loved ones with. In the meantime, we encourage every women to approach this training with personal development, personal growth, enjoyment and empowerment being the motivating purpose.


We understand women often prefer to train in a women-only class.
So this is our Women's 10-week course called ROAR.
Runs through the school term alongside our regular mixed classes. 

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Wed July 24th, 2024, 7:00pm-8:00pm,

Thistle Hall, 293 Cuba Street, Wellington.

The Intro Night is the ideal time for women interested in the Women's Class, to try a class first, see how we train, who we are, and gain some valuable basic skills, before deciding to join the full 10 Week Course.

We are now taking bookings for Term 3, 2024 intake.

Please email to enquire or book your spot.

After Intro, classes run every Wednesday night 7:00pm - 8:00pm (Thistle Hall Cuba St)

These classes are about empowering you for life. Beginning in 2018, this program was created to provide a safe, holistic and supportive class where women can experience empowerment through our training. You will learn to find your voice, your confidence, your inner strength and resolve, while learning physical skills such as how to escape and overpower an assailant, counter grabs, abduction attempts, chokes, hair grabs, pushing and shoving, being hit, being pinned to the ground and sexual assault attempts. We will help you unleash your protective feminine fighting spirit.

This training will develop physical / mental resilience and increase your confidence and self esteem. Techniques relies on very natural instinctive movements and enables a smaller person to effectively disable a larger opponent. You will learn you how to utilise adrenalin and focus your survival instincts, so you can function under stress using real life tactics. Suitable for women 13+.

Q:  What's the difference between the women-only classes and the mixed beginners classes?

A: They are similar, but this class is a safer environment for women who prefer to train in a women-only setting. We stick to the standard Krav Maga graded syllabus similar to the other classes, but at the women’s class we can address more women-specific techniques. There is more opportunity for individual questions and discussion about specific solutions for women. e.g. defence against disrespect, sexual assaults, control & compliance skills for women against a threat….etc.


  • The class size are smaller, so we can discuss specific scenarios, challenges and needs.

  • We teach an extra level of boundaries and assertiveness in our de-escalation training.

  • We focus on bringing encouragement, open discussion and a place to find a voice, healing and confidence in their physical skills.

  • The downside is when it comes to practice and pressure-testing, you won’t have the men to practice with, which we believe is very important. For this, we recommend our women to eventually move over to the open-classes for that, if and when they feel comfortable to do so.

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