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 Master Instructor WIL

Instructor Wil - trained and qualified as MASTER INSTRUCTOR under world renown counter-terror, security and Krav Maga expert, Dr. Itay Gil in Israel - is the New Zealand Representative for F.I.M.A, the leading non-political Federation of Israeli Martial Arts, and is part of Itay Gil's Protect Global Instructor Team. He is now NZ's longest-serving Krav Maga instructor. 

Tactical Survival Academy first opened its doors in NZ in 2008 by Master Instructor Wil, who has over 15+ years experience in design and delivery of high-performance professional training internationally, motivational speaking, university lecturing, program design and personal development in NZ, Australia, UK, Europe, Singapore and USA. He holds graduate and post-graduate degrees. While working internationally, Wil increasingly saw the need for better real-world tactical training for civilians and security professionals alike. Since founding Tactical Survival in NZ, he has trained thousands of everyday Kiwis including members of the NZ Defence Force (army & air force), medical staff, emergency nurses, diplomats, private security, bouncers and members of the NZ Police, including a special tactical unit. Wil is also supported by several assistant instructors currently in training.

Wilson Sze with Itay Gil in Australia
Master Instructor Wilson Sze
Wilson Sze training with Dr. Itay Gil in New Zealand

Wil began training in Krav Maga in 2005 with Eyal Yanilov's civilian Krav Maga organisation (IKMF) in Australia. After some training in other martial arts, he returned to Krav Maga, re-trained through the more realistic Protect Krav Maga system (PKM) at Tactical Krav Maga College (Sydney) to Level 10 and became a certified instructor through Instructor Carl Halley, under the technical expertise of Dr. Itay Gil. Having experienced different variants of Krav Maga and martial arts, he brings a broad knowledge and is acutely aware of the differences between self-defence and martial arts (and likewise the different versions of 'Krav Maga'). In 2019, Wil travelled to Jerusalem in Israel to undergo 40 hours of intensive Krav Maga and Counter-Terror Tactics testing and training, and was awarded the new rank and title of Master Instructor by Dr. Itay Gil from Protect Academy / Protect Krav Maga HQ. In 2020, Wil was appointed the NZ representative for the Federation of Israeli Martial Arts (FIMA). 

Wil is a 10+ years qualified range officer and long-time member of the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) where he regularly competes in competitive shooting - particularly action pistol and rifle matches.

He works in the Film/TV industry, having worked on big-budget major international blockbusters and local NZ productions as an actor, stunt performer, and fight choreographer / action coordinator. He is currently learning the Filipino Martial Arts with a guru from the famed Dan Inosanto Academy in Los Angeles (where Bruce Lee and many Hollywood fight choreographers and action directors have trained) learning the weapon arts of Kali. 

Wil was also on the leadership team of First Boots Expeditions NZ, an adventure-based high-performance leadership training group for CEOs/executives, alongside a top-tier team of highly-respected NZDF individuals including a long-serving NZDF Major, NZDF special-forces operator, NZ Police tactical team commander, and a NZDF outdoor specialist. Wil believes in the importance of always being a student himself, learning and exploring as a way of life. 

Israel Trip 2019

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TSKM Academy is supported by a team of excellent Assistant Instructors, each hand-picked from our pool of senior students who have been training for at least several years and attained Intermediate or Advanced grading levels. Unlike some associations, we don't certify instructors over a short time. 

More importantly, they are excellent individuals, leaders and teachers, who have demonstrated utmost integrity and commitment to the values and standards set by TSKM.

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