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TSKM is committed to contributing positively and appropriately to the safety, security, integrity and capability of Aotearoa New Zealand in whatever way we can. In this current world climate, we are not interested in politics, but we are interested in helping NZ to have the skills that works under pressure, that will help save Kiwi lives and keep our people safe. In addition to training the general public and civilians, training for NZ's public sector such as Police, Defence, Security and Governmental sectors is also available.


TSKM Chief Instructor Wil was trained and certified by Krav Maga, Counter-Terror and Security expert Dr. Itay Gil (ex- YAMAM counter-terror unit, and the unit's chief CQB instructor, executive director for all Krav Maga training programs for the Border Police and Presidential Security Team over 10+ years). Today Itay Gil is the CEO of Protect Security Solutions / Protect Krav Maga HQ (Jerusalem). 

TSKM is Aotearoa New Zealand's certified affiliate Protect school - and Wil is part of Itay's Protect team - and we are available for specialist training within the NZ public sectors. Training options includes Self Defence, Control & Restraint, Armed and Unarmed Combat, Defensive Tactics, Close Quarter Battle, High-level Pressure-Testing and Security Consultancy for your department or team.

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