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"Boot Camp: train like the best"



For people who want a serious military-style Krav Maga challenge in a 30+ hour intensive. The course's aim is to cover as much as possible, Level 1 to 5 in an intensive and full-contact manner. How far we get up the levels depends on how much participants can retain the skills and execute instinctively and effectively under pressure. Course is physically and mentally challenging with full-contact training - trained in a highly realistic but safe (with protective gear) and supportive instruction. Open to civilians with good fitness and mental stamina, and particularly those with previous martial arts, close combat, or police / security / military experience.

Awareness and De-Escalation Skills / Self Defence Law /
Tactical Movement and Decision Making /
Striking and Kicking / Defences Against Strikes /
Stand-up Fighting Skills for Defence /
Knife Attack Defence / Knife-Hostage & Robbery Defence /
Bat-Machete-Baton Defence /
Multiple Attacker Defence / Ground Defence / 
Defence against Chokes, Grabs and Holds /
Defence in and around Vehicles / Defence in Public Transport /
Defending in Confined Spaces /
Hostility and Intimidation Training / Mental Resilience Training /
Fighting in Water / Scenario Training

On successful completion, an official Certificate of Completion indicating your training hours will be issued by Tactical Survival Krav Maga Academy. Depending on your performance, you may qualify for grading recognised by our international affiliate family. Keep in mind grading standards are high and each level can take beginners avg. 20-30 hours to become competent. Open to 16yrs+. Course is limited to max 12 participants. Minimum numbers apply.​​

  • NEXT COURSE (2025)Sat Jan 18th - Wed Jan 22nd, 2025. Email now to register your interest.

  • LOCATION: Gloves Boxing Gym (Hopper Street, Wellington) + Hutt Central School (6 Railway Ave, Alicetown, Lower Hutt)

  • TIME: 10am-5pm every day (6x hours each day. Total 30x Hours of Training)

  • COST (TBC): $1195 (or Early Bird price $1095 if you register before Sun December 22nd, 2024). Course fee includes $300 worth of compulsory protective gear you take home. If you already have the gear course is $995 (or $895 for early bird).

  • CLOSING DATE: Final closing date is Sunday January 4th, 2025. 

  • INCLUDED GEAR ($300 value): Head Guard with face grill + Forearm Guards + MMA Gloves + Thai Shin Guards + Groin Guard M/F + 16oz Boxing Gloves (This safety equipment is compulsory).

TSKM Protective Gear and Body Armour

APPLICATION FORM:      Email us: for copy of Application Form

The Application Form must be submitted before the Final Closing Date, along with:

  1. Deposit of 50% of the course fee. Payment instructions are on the application form. This 50% deposit is not refundable if you change your mind (or your circumstance change) and must be paid at the time of registration.

  2. Remaining fees must be paid at the latest 7x days before course commencement.

  3. Any cancellation within 7x days of the course commencement will still be charged 100% of fees.

  4. If the course is fully cancelled by us for whatever reason, all fees will be fully refunded back into your nominated bank account.

TO REGISTER: Email us at and we will be in touch. 

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