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Held Hostage Workshop


An attacker holding a person hostage at knife point is trying to achieve an objective by using the threat of violence. The objective may be to coerce the hostage into doing something, go somewhere, to draw attention to themselves or to the media in order to make a statement. The hostage in this scenario is merely leverage- an innocent caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. As we have seen in incidences around the world, often times it is very dangerous (and sometimes too late) to wait for the authorities to rescue you. 


If you are held a knife point, there are strategies, techniques and tactics that can result in your freedom. At this specialist 3 hour workshop, you will learn how to disarm an attacker who is holding you hostage with a knife. Techniques are based on Israeli Counter-Terror Unit Krav Maga methods. 


Participation will include learning how to disarm an attacker holding a knife, with further practice implementing the effective techniques, and finishing with testing under scenario training. Participants can expect a low to moderate level of physical activity. No experience is necessary to attend. 



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